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Subject (Latin: subiectus "lying beneath") may refer to:

Education change

Library and information science change

  • Subject (documents) (subject classification; subject indexing; subject searching)
  • Subject term or index term, descriptor of a document used in bibliographic records

Philosophy change

  • Subject (philosophy), a being that has subjective experiences, subjective consciousness, or a relationship with another entity
  • Subject–object problem, the issue of how actors or observers relate to things that are observed or acted upon

Linguistics change

Computing change

Music change

  • The melodic material presented first in a fugue
  • Either of the two main groups of themes (first subject, second subject) in sonata form

People change

A subject is an individual subjected to the rule by an elite, see feudalism

  • subjects in medieval feudalism, see commoners
  • subjects in modern constitutional monarchies, such as the United Kingdom, see British subject

Statistics and psychology change

  • A subject is someone or something that undergoes testing in a scientific experiment.