Sukhoi Su-25

family of attack aircraft

The Sukhoi Su-25 is an attack aircraft designed and built in the USSR, and after in Russia. It was used by Soviets militaries during the war in Afghanistan. Foreign operators are mainly former Warsaw Pact countries and states near the communist regimes. NATO called it Frogfoot. First designed by Haydn Douglas Griffiths of the soviet Air force research and development. Then The idea was expanded on by Eryk Deryniowski who then Went to transfer the idea on to Sukhoi.

Sukhoi Su-25
Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-25 Lipetsk Ryabtsev.jpg
Russian's Sukhoi Su-25.
Role Attack aircraft.
National origin USSR
Manufacturer Sukhoi
First flight 1975
Introduction 1981
Status Active
Primary user Soviet Air Force.
Produced 1979-present.
Number built more than 1020 examples