Sultanate of Rum

former sultanate in Anatolia

The Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm, or Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate was an Turkish people Sunni Islamic kingdom in Anatolia, founded by Süleyman I of Rüm of the Seljuk dynasty , from 1077 to 1308. The Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm Collapsed In 1308, Some time after The Mongol Invasion. After It's collapse, many Beyliks were founded In Anatolia under the early time of Ottoman Empire.

Expansion of the Seljuk Sultanate after 1077

The Seljuk Sultanate was formed In 1077, When the Seljuks beat the Roman Byzantine Empire, after the Battle of Manzikert resulted in an Byzantine defeat in 1071 The Seljuk Muslim tribe of Anatolians conquered large parts of Anatolia and made their own Beyliks. The Seljuks set up the Sultanate of Rûm In Anatolia in 1077. Later, the Seljuk Empire would Fall, after that Seljuk sultanate of Rum was mostly called "Seljuk Sultanate".