Surfing with the Alien

1987 album by Joe Satriani

Surfing with the Alien is the second album by instrumental rock solo artist Joe Satriani, released in 1987. Surfing with the Alien contributed greatly to establishing Satriani's reputation as a respected rock guitarist.[1]

Surfing with the Alien
Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 1987
GenreInstrumental rock
Epic (re-release)
ProducerJoe Satriani and John Cuniberti
Joe Satriani chronology
Not of This Earth
Surfing with the Alien
Dreaming #11

The album contains fast and complex songs such as "Surfing with the Alien" and "Satch Boogie", stranger-sounding "Crushing Day" and "Lords of Karma", and slower, melodic songs like "Always with Me, Always with You" and "Echo" which provide a change of pace. Also, "Midnight", uses the technique of two-hand tapping at great speed, making a Latin-American effect. There are also Nashville tuned guitars (on "Echo") and key changes (on "Always with Me, Always with You" and "Echo") to vary the album.

The album cover shows the Marvel Comics character, the Silver Surfer on the front and the hand of Galactus on the back. The image is from Silver Surfer #1 (1982). The artist, John Byrne, has said that the image was used without his permission and that he never got paid for its use. The art is from panel 1 of page 6 of SILVER SURFER #1 published in 1982.[2] However, the album liner notes mention a Marvel Characters, Inc. copyright and say the Silver Surfer likeness is used with permission.

Track listing change

All songs written by Joe Satriani.

  1. "Surfing with the Alien" – 4:20
  2. "Ice 9" – 4:08
  3. "Crushing Day" – 5:16
  4. "Always with Me, Always with You" – 3:20
  5. "Satch Boogie" – 3:10
  6. "Hill of the Skull" – 1:46
  7. "Circles" – 3:27
  8. "Lords of Karma" – 4:46
  9. "Midnight" – 1:42
  10. "Echo" – 5:38

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