Swedish krona

currency of Sweden

The Swedish krona is the currency of Sweden. The country of Sweden has used this money since 1873. In the English language, the Swedish krona means the Swedish Crown. The Swedish crowns consist of:

  • 1 öre (coin) *1991
  • 2 öre (coin) *1991
  • 5 öre (coins) *1991
  • 10 öre (coins) *1991
  • 25 öre (coin) *1991
  • 50 öre (coin) *2010
  • 1 crown (coin)
  • 2 crown (coin) ***
  • 5 crown (coin)
  • 10 crown (coin) * (**)
  • 10 crown (coin)
  • 20 crown (paper)
  • 50 crown (paper)
  • 100 crown (paper)
  • 200 crown (paper)
  • 500 crown (paper)
  • 1000 crown (paper)
Swedish krona
Svensk krona
10 kr coin
10 kr coin
User(s) Sweden

This is all the Swedish money there is.

*Not in use since:
**Not known when ended.

***Been used earlier and later reintroduced

Current changes


On December 18 2008, the Swedish Riksbank asked to phase out the 50 öre, the final öre coin, by 2010. Note, however that the öre would remain as a subdivision unit for electronic payments.

Exchange rates


Exchange rate of Swedish kronor against the Euro
The krona stand to an average of ten crowns to one euro

200-krona and 2-krona


The Riksbank decided on 17 February 2010, to recommend the parliament to allow it to issue a 2-krona coin and a 200-krona note, the latter a new denomination for the country. However it did not recommend replacing the 20-krona note with a coin. In 2015 the first ever 200-krona note saw its use and in 2016 the 2-krona coin was reintroduced having previously being used between 1876 and 1971.