Sweyn Forkbeard

King of Denmark, England, and Norway
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Sweyn I, or Sweyn Forkbeard (17 April 963 - 3 February 1014) was King of Denmark from about 986-3 February 1014 and King of England from 25 December 1013 to 3 February 1014.

Sweyn I Forkbeard
King of Denmark, England, and Norway (more...)
Reign986-3 February 1014 (Denmark)
999- 2 February 1014 (Norway)
1013-3 February 1014 (England)
Born17 April 963
Died(1014-02-03)3 February 1014
Gainsborough, England
SpouseGunhild of Wenden
Sigrid the Haughty (?)[1]
FatherHarald Bluetooth
MotherTove of the Obotrites

Sweyn's father was Harald Bluetooth, King of Denmark. Sweyn invaded England many times between 990 and 1013, when his army took control of London on Christmas day. Sweyn briefly became King of England until he died 40 days later on 3 February 1014 after being hurt in a fall from his horse.

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  1. Den Store Danske Encyklopædi identifies the consort of Sweyn I as Gunhild, and considers the Sigrid the Haughty of the sagas to be based on her, but predominantly a work of "complete fiction". She subsequently married Sweyn II, who later divorced her on orders from the church, since both of them were grandchildren of the Slavic consort of Eric the Victorious of Sweden. Source: Den Store Danske Encyklopædi, CD-ROM edition, entries Gunhild and Sigrid Storråde.