Tarikh e Khandan e Timuriyah

16th-century Mughal manuscript

 Tarikh e Khandan e Timuriyah also known by the name "Chronicle of the Descendants of Timur" is a 16th-century manuscript that was ordered by Mughal Emperor Akbar.[1] It gives detailed information about the descendant of Timur in India[2] During the reign of Emperor Akbar, from 1577 to 1578, a remarkable volume was created specifically for his personal collection, earning a cherished spot in his private library. This volume, written on exquisite paper, features 133 paintings meticulously created by 51 esteemed artists such as Daswant and Haidar Kashmiri, [3] The paintings in this volume show the best of Mughal art from that time. They are very detailed and well-made, showing the high point of Mughal artistic skill.[4] The text in this volume is written in a style that matches the high standards set by the artwork.

Tarikh-e Khandan-e Timuriyah
A page from Tarikh-i-Khandan-i-Timuriyah This painting depicts the death of Timur, Hazrat-i-Sahib-i-Qiran
SeriesPersian literature
SubjectsHistorical record
GenreHistorical Memoir
Publication date
16th century
Media typeBook

It was formally introduced in the UNESCO Memory of the World in 2011.[2] The original manuscript is kept safe in the Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public library.[5][6]

This manuscript is the only existing copy that discusses the history of Timur and his descendants in Iran and India, including Mughal rulers like Babur, Humayun, and Akbar.

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