system of governance where decision-makers are selected on the basis of their expertise in their areas of responsibility (esp. scientific knowledge), as opposed to one where elected representatives are the primary decision-makers in government

Technocracy is a government by scientific method and controlled by technical people. These people include engineers, (who make, build, and maintain engines, machines, public works, and other technologies). "Technocrats" want to improve social and political problems based on technical and "scientific" (technological) solutions. They promise to help solve these problems concerning industries (big business), trade, and how to create and distribute wealth using scientific management. A method of study that uses time and motion to work out the most efficient ways to do something, mainly repeated, routine motions. The man that made the theory of Scientific Management was named Frederick W. Taylor.

However, Scientific Management was still trying to fix social and political problems with technical solutions. Many of the technological solutions may have solved one problem, while creating many more. Technocrats believed that management could replace politics. Administration is based on the application of rules that make certain outcomes, there are too many different points of view for the management approach to work.