Teddy Kollek

Israeli politician (1911-2007)

Theodor "Teddy" Kollek (Hebrew: טדי קולק; 27 May 1911 – 2 January 2007) was a Hungarian-born Israeli Labor politician. He was the mayor of Jerusalem from 1965 to 1993. He was the founder of the Jerusalem Foundation. Kollek was re-elected five times, in 1969, 1973, 1978, 1983 and 1989. He lost his re-election in 1993 to Likud candidate and future Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert.

During his time as mayor, Jerusalem became a modern city, especially after its reunification in 1967. He was once called "the greatest builder of Jerusalem since Herod."[1] Teddy Stadium is named after him.

Kollek was born in Nagyvázsony, Hungary. In 1935, shortly before Nazis took power of Austria, his family moved to Jerusalem. Kollek died on 2 January 2007 in Jerusalem at the age of 95.[2]


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