Pakistani Taliban

islamist militant organization operating along the Durand Line
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The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (commonly called TTP) are a militant Islamist group in Pakistan. Like the Taliban in Afghanistan they are mostly Pashtun. They have done a number of attacks all over Pakistan.[1] The United States has classified them as a terrorist organisation. While they have a common name with the Taliban in Afghanistan, their ideas are different.[2] They also have a different leadership and their goals are different from those of the Afghan Taliban.[3]

Flag of The Flag of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan

The TTP want the Pakistani army to withdraw from Waziristan, which it occupied in 2009.

Differences between Afghan Taliban and the TTP


Many experts think that the common name "Taliban" for both groups is misleading.[3] Fights between the Pakistani army and the TTP have erroneously been reported as the army fighting the Afghan Taliban.[3]

The TTP acts on its own, fighting the Pakistani armed forces; Pakistan supported the Afghan Taliban in the past.[4][5][6]

The Afghan Taliban also do not take part in the fight of the TTP against the Pakistani military.[7]

The Pakistani Taliban has also been supported by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria according to a United Nations report from 2017.[8]


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