The Collapse template is used for placing collapse boxes around discussions.

Usage change

Note: {{Collapse top}} and {{Collapse bottom}} need to be substed in order for the time stamp functionality to work properly.

{{Collapse top|Optional text|bg|padding}}


{{Collapse bottom}}

The bg parameter change

The bg parameter is Optional. It changes the background color. use Web color values (e.g. #F0F2F5).


{{Collapse top|bg=#F0F2F5}} or {{cot|bg=#F0F2F5}} creates:

Extended content

Text here.

The padding parameter change

The padding parameter adjusts the amount of cell padding (defaults to 8px)

Around header text change

When used with a section of text, include the section header in the collapsed portion of text. For example, given:

Replace with:

The expand parameter change

Add |expand=yes to have the box show up in expanded form with a "hide" link, instead of collapsed form with a "show" link. use |expand= (an empty value) or omit the expand parameter to have the box show up in collapsed form.

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