Many users state that when they get a message, they will answer on your talk page instead of on their own. This makes reading a conversation quite difficult because you need to switch between talk pages to read the full conversation. You can use this template to tell a user that you have answered his/her message on your own talk page.


{{Talkback|your username}}
{{Talkback|your username|section}}

To have the links point to a non-user talk page, prefix tp= to the full page name. When doing so, you must use all parameters and include the full talk page link.

{{Talkback|tp=Talk:page name|section}}

You may also include your signature with timestamp, please add |ts=~~~~.

{{Talkback|your username|ts=~~~~}}

This works in all cases, whether you add a section or not, whether the page is your user page or not or anything.

Place the code on top of the talk page of the user you have answered. This person may remove this template from his/her talk page at any time. A link to edit the first section of the talk page is shown inside the template. The section parameter is optional; when you enter the name of the section on your talk page, it will directly link to that section.

{{Usertalkback}} notice

  • If you are going to use this template, please consider putting the {{Usertalkback}} notice on your own talk page:

You can do so by putting the following code at the very top of your talk page:

  • Other versions are possible. For example, if you do not need other users to use {{Talkback}} because you usually watch their talk pages for answers, you can use this notice:

You can do so by putting the following code at the very top of your talk page: