This template can be transcluded onto the user talk page of any IP address. It provides information about the origin and use of the IP address. To prevent excessive clutter on the user talk page and to make future changes easier, please do not subst: this template. Please do not use this template on the talk pages of evidently good-faith constructive IP users, since its wording could be misunderstood as implying the IP's edits are problematic.

Restoration of this template is not exempt from the edit warring policy, and editors who repeatedly restore it may be blocked to prevent further disruption.

Usage change

{{Whois|name of institution}}

Note that unlike many similar templates of this type, Whois does not currently support the host= parameter.

Related pages change

  • {{SharedIP}} is the standard version
  • {{SchoolIP}} is a version for use with educational establishments
  • {{SharedIPCORP}} is a version for use with IP addresses registered to a company or business