Shared IP address Welcome to Wikipedia, company user! Please note the following:

This IP address, (IP address appears here), is registered to a business or corporation and may be shared by many different people. If this company uses proxy servers, this IP address may be used many people at different computers, all working for the company who owns the servers, even if they work in different places. Because of this, a message meant for one person may be read by another, often someone who has not done anything wrong, and a block of this IP address will mean that everyone using this address will not be able to change Wikipedia.

If you are making changes from this address and are getting messages that are not for you, you can avoid this by creating your own account. If you cannot do this, it most likely means that doing so has been stopped so that other users cannot make any bad changes. You will then have to make an account at home and log in with it here.

Please think before blocking this IP or undoing its changes - if a block is needed, admins should consider a soft block with the code {{anonblock|optional comment}} as the block reason.

Note: If too many disruptive changes are made using this IP address, making changes without an account may be disabled. Abuse reports may also be forwarded to your company.
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