Latin American snack.

A Tequeño is a type of fried cheese that is breaded. The cheese is usually queso blanco (white cheese). It came from the Venezuelan town of Los Teques. It is popular in Venezuela as a snack for parties.[1]

Tequeños vénézuéliens à Arepado (Lyon), avril 2019 (2).jpg
Alternative namesDeditos De Queso
TypeFried Bread
Place of originVenezuela
Region or stateLos Teques
Main ingredientsBread dough, masa de harina de trigo, queso blanco


Colombian starter plate. Tequeños are at the front left.

To prepare it, the dough is wrapped around a cheesestick and formed into a breadstick so it can be fried in oil for 6 minutes at 400 °F (204 °C) or sometimes oven-baked. Other things can go inside the filling such as chocolate or chorizo.


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