The Bozo Show

television series

The Bozo Show is a locally produced children's television program that aired on WGN-TV in Chicago and nationally on WGN America. It was based on the children's record book series, Bozo the Clown by Capitol Records. It ran from 1960 to 2001.

The cast of Bozo's Show (1968)

The series is a local version of the internationally franchised Bozo the Clown format and is also the longest-running in the franchise. It is known as the most popular and successful locally produced children's program in the history of television,[1] it only aired under this title for 14 of its 40+ years: other titles were Bozo, Bozo's Circus, and The Bozo Super Sunday Show.

It starred Bob Bell as Bozo, Ned Locke as Ringmaster Ned, Ray Rayner as Oliver O. Oliver, Bob Trendler as Mr. Bob and Don Sandburg as Sandy.


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