The Cube

British game show

The Cube is a British game show that airs on ITV. It is presented by Phillip Schofield. It began on 22 August 2009 and ended on 8 August 2015. The show ran for 9 series.



Contestants play a seven games to win £250,000. Games take place inside of a cube. The contestant is given nine lives. Each time a contestant fails, he lose a life, and must play the game again. If a contestant loses all of their lives, they go home with nothing. Contestants may stop with the money they have so far before any game. Before each game, contestants are shown how to play it by a character named "The Body." A contestant has two helps available. The first one is Simplify. This allows a contestant to make a game easier. The other one is Trial Run. This allows contestants to play the game without the risk of losing their lives.

There are seven games per contestant. The last game is a harder version of the game the contestant had the most trouble with. If a contestant wins all seven games, they win £250,000.

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