The Dream Makers II

Singaporean TV series

The Dream Makers II (Chinese: 志在四方II, also The Dream Makers 2 or ZZSF2) is a Singaporean drama television series. It is produced and shown on Mediacorp Channel 8. It is a sequel to the 2013 series The Dream Makers. It began its run from 4 December 2015. There are 32 episodes. It stars Zoe Tay, Li Nanxing, Huang Biren, Jeanette Aw, Rui En, Qi Yuwu, Romeo Tan, Julie Tan, Zhang Zhenhuan, Ian Fang, Chen Meifeng and Damian Lau as the main characters. The show is Channel 8's end-year blockbuster for 2015.

The Dream Makers II
GenreMedia Industry
Written byRebecca Leow
StarringZoe Tay
Li Nanxing
Huang Biren
Jeanette Aw
Rui En
Qi Yuwu
Romeo Tan
Julie Tan
Zhang Zhenhuan
Ian Fang
Chen Meifeng
Damian Lau
Opening theme终于 by Kit Chan
Ending theme当世界只剩下我一个人 by Serene Koong
幸福不难 by Serene Koong
学者爱 by Eric Chou
狠狠爱 by Wu Jiahui
Country of originSingapore
Original languageChinese
No. of episodes32
Executive producersPaul Yuen
Wong Foong Hwee
Production locationsSingapore
Melbourne, Australia
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes (excluding advertisements)
Original release
NetworkMediacorp Channel 8
Release4 December 2015 –
18 January 2016
The Dream Makers (2013)

Cast change

  • Zoe Tay as Zhou Weiyun
  • Li Nanxing as Lin Tao
  • Huang Biren as Guan Xie En
  • Rui En as Fang Tonglin
  • Qi Yuwu as Jason Lam
  • Jeanette Aw as Zhao Fei'er
  • Romeo Tan as Zhong Yiming
  • Julie Tan as Dong Zihuai
  • Zhang Zhenhuan as Chen Guang
  • Ian Fang as Joey
  • Damian Lau as Zheng Shouyi
  • Chen Meifeng as Zhong Qianyi
  • Wang Yuqing as Qin Wenxu
  • Li Wenhai as MD Chong
  • Choy Peng Hoy as Yalian
  • Rayson Tan as Richard Ma
  • Tracy Lee as Diana
  • Richard Low as Zhao De
  • Edwin Goh as Eddy
  • Damien Teo as Eden
  • Eelyn Kok as Meiling
  • Yan Bingliang as Chen Dongqiang
  • Yao Wenlong as Zheng Shoude
  • Chen Hanwei (special appearance)

Trivia change

  • This is Zoe Tay and Huang Biren's first drama collaboration in 27 years.[1][2]
  • This is Hong Kong TVB actor Damian Lau's second Singaporean drama series after Dare To Strike, and Taiwanese actress Chen Meifeng's first Singaporean drama.

Accolades change

  • Star Awards 2016 Backstage Achievement Awards -
    • Loh Woon Woon and Wong Foong Hwee were nominated for Best Director, to which Loh won.
    • Rebecca Leow was nominated for Best Screenplay.
    • Kee Chee Wee was nominated for Best Programme Promo.
    • Tommy Lee Heng Soon was nominated for Best Cameraman (for Drama Programmes).
    • Simon Poon, Joyce Teo and Steven Lee were nominated for Best Editing for Drama Programme, to which Poon won.
  • Star Awards 2016 Part 2 -
    • 《终于》 won the Best Theme Song.
    • Damien Teo won the Young Talent Award.
    • Edwin Goh and Zhang Zhenhuan are nominated for Best Supporting Actor, to which Zhang won.
    • Julie Tan won the Best Supporting Actress.
    • Romeo Tan and Qi Yuwu are nominated for Best Actor, to which Qi won.
    • Jeanette Aw, Rui En and Zoe Tay are nominated for Best Actress, to which Aw won.
    • The series won the Best Drama Serial. It is one of the five dramas to be nominated for both the Best Drama Serial and Best Theme Song, along with 118, Crescendo, The Journey: Our Homeland and Tiger Mum.
  • Star Awards 2016 Post Show Party -
    • Jeanette Aw, Rui En and Huang Biren are nominated for Favourite Female Character. Despite Aw's wish to withdraw from voting-based award categories, she is nominated for "Favourite Female Character" and "Favourite Onscreen Couple" again. Aw won the award once again.
    • Qi Yuwu and Rui En, Qi Yuwu and Jeanette Aw, and Zhang Zhenhuan and Julie Tan are nominated for Favourite Onscreen Couple (Drama). Qi and Aw won the award.
    • Romeo Tan won the London Choco Roll Happiness Award.

References change

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