The Drinker of Via Ripamonti

painting by Umberto Boccioni

The Drinker of Via Ripamonti or The Drinker is a work of art painted in oil on canvas (87.5 x 87.5 cm) by Umberto Boccioni in 1914 in his studio in Via Adige, near Porta Vigentina-Via Ripamonti in Milan, kept at the Museum Museo del Novecento in Milan.

The Drinker of Via Ripamonti
Italian: Il Bevitore di Via Ripamonti, French: Le Bouvour Via Ripamont
ArtistUmberto Boccioni
Yearc. 1914
TypeOil on poplar
Dimensions2,220 cm × 2,220 cm (87,5 in × 87,5 in)
LocationMuseo del Novecento, Milano

The subject is photographed in the area where Boccioni lived and where he took inspiration. The main subject is a man who is in the blissful phase of alcohol, leaning over the table and framed from above.

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