The History of Rock and Roll

American radio documentary about rock and roll music

The History of Rock & Roll was a radio documentary on rock and roll music. It was first broadcast in 1969. The 1969 version was 48 hours long.[2] The 1978 version was 52 hours long.[3] The History of Rock & Roll told the story of Rock and Roll music from the early 1950s to its day. Producers Bill Drake and Gene Chenault called this a "rockumentary".[4] The show interviewed many musicians.

"The History of Rock and Roll," 1969
Running time48 hours
Home stationKHJ
SyndicatesRKO General
CreatorsBill Drake
WritersPete Johnson
DirectorsEllen Pelissero
ProducersRon Jacobs
Narrated byRobert W. Morgan, Humble Harve Miller.
Air datessince 1969

Los Angeles radio station KHJ first broadcast this show on February 21-23, 1969.[2] In the fall of 1969 many other stations broadcast this documentary.[5]

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