neologism denoting a documentary about rock music or its musicians

A rockumentary is a documentary about rock music or its musicians. The word rockumentary is a combination (a portmanteau word) of the words "rock" and "documentary." Producer Bill Drake called the 1969 History of Rock & Roll radio broadcast a rockumentary.[1][2]

Examples of "rockumentaries"Edit

Radio rockumentariesEdit

Title Creators Year Narrators Info
The History of Rock and Roll Bill Drake, Gene Chenault 1969, 1978, 1981 Robert W. Morgan, Humble Harve Miller, Bill Drake ,[1][2]
The Pop Chronicles John Gilliland 1969 John Gilliland, Sie Holliday, Thom Beck ,[3][4]

Rockumentary moviesEdit

Film Band Year Director IMDB
Dont Look Back Bob Dylan 1967 D. A. Pennebaker tt0061589
Woodstock various at Woodstock festival 1970 Michael Wadleigh tt0066580
The Last Waltz The Band final concert 1978 Martin Scorsese tt0077838
Gimme Shelter The Rolling Stones at Altamont 1970 Albert and David Maysles & Charlotte Zwerin tt0065780
Bring on the Night Sting 1985 Michael Apted tt0088855
Another State of Mind Social Distortion, Youth Brigade 1984 Adam Small & Peter Stuart tt0198307
Live at Pompeii Pink Floyd 1972 Adrian Maben tt0069090
Stop Making Sense Talking Heads 1984 Jonathan Demme tt0088178
The Kids Are Alright The Who 1979 Jeff Stein tt0079400
The Song Remains the Same Led Zeppelin 1976 Peter Clifton, Joe Massot tt0075244
Meeting People Is Easy Radiohead 1998 Grant Gee [1]
LoudQUIETloud Pixies 2006 Steven Cantor, Matthew Galkin tt0449121
Kiss Loves You KISS 2004 Jim Heneghan tt1102243
Flight 666 Iron Maiden 2009 Sam Dunn & Scot McFadyen tt1361558
Shine a Light Rolling Stones 2008 Martin Scorsese [2]
Lord Don't Slow Me Down Oasis 2007 Baillie Walsh tt1167522
Come Rain or Shine Genesis 2008 Anthony Mathile tt1232771


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