The Lorax

1971 children's book by Dr. Seuss

The Lorax is a children's book. It was written by Dr. Seuss. It was first published in 1971. The Lorax is a small orange creature. He speaks for the trees against the greedy Once-ler. The book is a fable about industrialized society and the danger it poses to nature. It has been made into a 1972 television show and a 2012 movie. Some people criticized the book. They thought it was gloomy. They thought it was not a good book for children. Some people thought it was unfair to the logging industry.

Story change

A young boy living in a polluted world visits a strange creature called the "Once-Ler". The boy asks about the poor state of the world. The Once-ler explains that the world was once beautiful. He made an invention that required him to chop down Trufulla trees. He says that everyone needed his invention. He made a profit from cutting down Trufulla trees. A small orange creature called the Lorax urged him to stop cutting down so many trees. He said that this was harming the environment. The Once-Ler ignored him. Eventually the supply of trees ran out. The land was left polluted. The animals left the forest. The Once-Ler finishes his story. He gives the boy "the last [Truffula seed] of all." He tells him to plant the seed and it will grow into a forest.