The Miracle of Bern

2003 film by Sönke Wortmann

The Miracle of Bern (German: Das Wunder von Bern) is a 2003 movie directed by Sönke Wortmann.[1] It tells the story of a German family (particularly of a young boy and his depressed ex-POW father). It is also about the unexpected West German miracle victory in the 1954 World Cup Final in Bern, Switzerland.[2] The film is a portrait of post-war Germany. With over 6 million visitors, it is one of Germany's best-selling movies.


In 1954, Richard (Peter Lohmeyer) returns to his German hometown after seven years as a prisoner of war (ww2). The years have caused some consequences, and he fails to relate to his family. Particularly he does not relate to his soccer-loving son, Matthias (Louis Klamroth). Meanwhile, a journalist (Lukas Gregorowicz) and his wife head to Bern, Switzerland, to write about the World Cup. The stories of these strangers converge when they arrive in Bern. There they witness an uplifting German performance in a game against Hungary.


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