The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

2004 film directed by Garry Marshall
(Redirected from The Princess Diaries 2)

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement is a 2004 Disney movie based on the Princess Diaries book series by Meg Cabot. It is a sequel to the 2001 movie The Princess Diaries. The movie is a romantic comedy movie about 21-year-old Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Princess of Genovia, (Mia Thermopolis for short). The movie stars Anne Hathaway, Tobey Maguire, Julie Andrews, Heather Matarazzo, James Franco, Hector Elizondo and Raven. It was directed by Garry Marshall.

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
Directed byGarry Marshall
Written byMeg Cabot (characters)
Shonda Rhimes
Produced byWhitney Houston
Debra Martin Chase
StarringAnne Hathaway
Julie Andrews
John Rhys-Davies
Chris Pine
Heather Matarazzo
James Franco
Hector Elizondo
Callum Blue
The Wiggles
Distributed byBuena Vista Pictures
Release dates
August 11, 2004 (USA)
Running time
113 min.

Plot change

Five years after the first film, Mia has just graduated from Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School and are returning to Genovia with the bodyguard, Joe. There she must wait for her grandmother, Queen Clarisse, to abdicate. During Mia's twenty first birthday party, she dances with all the eligible bachelors in hope of finding a husband. She becomes attracted to a handsome gentleman named Nicholas. During the course of the night, Mia's tiara falls off and is caught by a Member of Parliament, Viscount Mabrey, who secretly plans to steal Mia's crown. While the Parliament is in-session the next morning, Mia finds a hidden room that allows her to secretly listen in. Viscount Mabrey reveals his nephew, Lord Devereaux, is another heir to the Genovian throne. Despite Queen Clarisse's objection, the only way Mia can become Queen is if she marries within the month. Clarisse invites Lord Devereaux to stay at the palace, while Mia is shocked to discover Lord Devereaux is actually Nicholas. Mia and Peter's best friends, Lilly Moscovitz and Harry, surprise them by visiting. Together, they pick through potential husbands. Mia eventually chooses Andrew Jacoby, Duke of Kenilworth, and days later, they are engaged. Mabrey plans to have Nicholas woo Mia and dissolve the engagement.

For a ceremony, Mia is to ride sidesaddle, but is inexperienced. Queen Clarisse provides an ancestral wooden leg decoy to make it look like she's riding sidesaddle. Mabrey spooks Mia's horse with a rubber snake, and Joe rushes to help Mia, but accidentally tears off the wooden leg. Humiliated, Mia flees to the stables, where Nicholas fails to comfort her. At a garden party, Mia and Nicholas quarrel about Mia's relationship with Andrew; Nicholas tricks Mia into admitting she doesn't love Andrew. Frustrated, she argues, but instead gets bombarded by a kiss. At first, she kisses him back but then backs away. Nicholas pursues her even more, which causes both of them to fall into a fountain. Queen Clarisse finally tells Mia that her behavior with Nicholas needs to stop.

During the Genovian Independence Day parade, Mia and Peter see some boys harassing a little girl and a little boy. They stop the parade to comfort the girl and boy. Learning that the girl, Carolina, the boy Henry, and the other children are orphans, Mia and Peter have a vendor give them all tiaras and crowns and let them walk with them in the parade. Everyone is impressed by their acts of generosity, while Mabrey sees it as a political trick. Mia and Peter later decide to turn one of the royal palaces into a temporary children's center. That night, Mia and Peter have their bachelor and bachelorette party, inviting princes and princesses from around the world, Peter invites some special guests to the party and Mia's wedding. Mabrey realises Nicholas has fallen for Mia, but Nicholas says that Mia will never love him. Nicholas comes upon Mia as she is practicing her archery as part of her coronation rites. He helps her succeed in getting the arrow to hit the bullseye, something she had been struggling with. Nicholas then informs Mia that he is leaving, but asks to see her just one more time before he goes. She declines, saying she is under close guard.

That night, Nicholas appears outside Mia's window and asks her to come out. Lilly, Peter and Harry encourage her to go, and Mia sneaks out. Lilly and Peter have sex while Mia and Nicholas ride out to a lake where they share secrets, dance, and eventually fall asleep. They wake up to find a man in a boat videotaping them. Mia thinks Nicholas set her up, while he insists he had no idea. By the time Mia returns to the palace, the scandalous footage is already being broadcast. Andrew is disappointed and kisses Mia to see if there is a romantic spark between them. They realise that they do not love each other, but do not call off the wedding for the good of Genovia. The wedding is to take place the following day, and Mia and Peter's mother, Helen comes with her new husband, Patrick and their newborn son, Trevor. Nicholas decides against attending, but his surly housekeeper, Gretchen, tells him that Mabrey engineered their televised scandal.

Before the wedding, Joe informs Mia and Peter that Nicholas is innocent. While walking up the aisle Mia suddenly stops and charges out of the church. Queen Clarisse and Peter follow and Mia says she doesn't want to marry because of the law. Clarisse encourages Mia and Peter to follow their hearts, something they have never done and has now cost her Joe, the only man she truly loved. Mia and Peter re-enter the church, and after pointing out how their grandmother has ruled Genovia while unmarried for a number of years, she tells the members of parliament in the audience to consider the significant women in their lives. She asks if they would have them do what they're trying to force her to do (marry someone she does not love). Mabrey cites the law again and once again suggests that his nephew be named King, but Nicholas not only refuses the crown, but also disowns Mabrey as his uncle. Mia and Peter propose the law on royal marriages be abolished, and the Parliament unanimously gives its assent. Encouraged by Mia and Peter to have their own happy ending, Clarisse proposes to Joe and they are promptly married.

About a week later, Mia and Peter are preparing for their coronation when Nicholas arrives with Peter's girlfriend Mary Jane (M.J. for short) at the palace. He professes his love for Mia on bended knee, and they share a private loving kiss, while Peter and Mary Jane kiss. The next day, Queen Clarisse finally steps down, and Mia and Peter are crowned "Their Majesties Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi and Peter James Themopolis Renaldi, King and Queen of Genovia", with all in attendance in the royal palace.

An epilogue shows that Genovian Parliament now allows female members, one of whom is Charlotte (Clarisse's lady-in-waiting). In a final scene, Queen Mia and King Peter (along with The Wiggles) officially open a new children's home with the help of Carolina and Henry.

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