The Replacements (band)

American rock band

The Replacements were an American rock band. They began in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1979, and are best known for being early pioneers of alternative rock.

The Replacements
The Replacements (band).jpg
The Replacements performing in Toronto, 2013
Background information
OriginMinneapolis, Minnesota, United States
GenresPunk rock, alternative rock, college rock, post-punk
Years active1979–1991, 2006, 2012–2015
LabelsTwin/Tone, Sire
Associated actsBash & Pop, Guns N' Roses, Golden Smog, Perfect, Static Taxi
Past membersPaul Westerberg
Tommy Stinson
Chris Mars
Bob Stinson
Slim Dunlap
Steve Foley

Live performancesEdit

The Replacements became popular locally after playing live for the first time. This was because of Tommy Stinson's young age. He was still 13. He had learned to play bass guitar at 11 . Early shows were good but soon because impossible to control. The band became known for their rowdy, angry, and often drunken live shows. They often came up on stage too intoxicated to play.

They were banned permanently from Saturday Night Live after performing drunk before a national television audience on January 18, 1986. As one critic said, the band could quite often be "mouthing profanities into the camera, stumbling into each other, falling down, dropping their instruments, and generally behaving like the apathetic drunks they were."[1]

The Replacements — when sober — got critical praise for their live shows. Part of the suspence of seeing the Replacements play, was that the audience never knew until the start of a concert if the band would be sober enough to play. It was not unusual for the group to play entire sets of cover versions, ranging anywhere from Bryan Adams's "Summer of '69" to Dusty Springfield's "The Look of Love" to Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog."

Other readingEdit

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