The Spiders: Go Forward!


The Spiders: Go Forward! (ザ・スパイダースの大進撃, Za supaidāsu no daishingeki), also known as Spiders a Go-Go, is a 1968 Japanese musical comedy film directed by Kō Nakahira and produced by Nikkatsu. It also starring The Spiders.

The Spiders: Go Forward!
Directed byKō Nakahira
Written byYoichiro Fukuda
Sô Kuramoto
Produced byHideo Sasai (also served as supervisor and planner)
StarringThe Spiders
CinematographyShigeru Kitaizumi
Music byHiroshi Kamayatsu
Koji Wakino (songwriter)
Distributed byNikkatsu
Release date
  • January 3, 1968 (1968-01-03)
Running time
82 minutes


These Japanese Group Sounds band, the Spiders star in this rare, "Help! inspired" rock n roll spy movie! If you like screams, shouts, whoops, and hollers in your 1960s jangle rock n roll, this movie is for you. The story development is similar. The Spiders starred in a popular band rather than the general public in the previous film. It was made into a direct video in the 1980s, but it was made into a DVD in 2005, the screen was remastered, and a trailer was added to the privilege. The rental ban was lifted at TUTAYA in 2014.


Seven members of The Spiders have returned to Japan after their tour in Britain. Massaki was proudly holding a tambourine with a jewelry in his hand, but a man with dark glasses and Miyoko were watching them. In addition, neither the band nor their manager Ogata and his daughter Yuriko noticed that the attache case was mistaken switched due to the crowded fans at the airport.

The first incident was when the tambourine was stolen in the dressing room, but no one noticed it. However, other incidents occurred one after another. When Akitomo was attacked by a thug and his companion's room was devastated, the Spiders knew for the first time that they were being targeted by someone. The seven members recognized Miyoko at every performance venue, but only thought she was a fan. On the other hand, the police, who was contacted and set out to investigate, was at a loss because they could not get any clues or evidence. Feeling dangerous, the band moved to the hotel and eventually left for Kagoshima in the midst of this turmoil.

Yuriko comforted the band who tend to sink, but again, they were also targeted by thieves in Kagoshima learned that the enemy's aim was a tambourine containing a diamond inside. Also, since a secret document appeared from the case that should contain the score, they knew that this was also the cause of the target. Then, a masked man threatened Yuriko with a silenced pistol and tried to find out where the case was killed by someone, and it was found that there were two pairs of enemies. After consulting with Ogata, the Spiders returned to Tokyo and planned to lure two sets of villains with the help of detectives. A man with dark glasses and Miyoko who took the invitation, and the Minegishi's Crew trying to recover important secret documents were surrounded by police officers who rushed into the scene. Miyoko tried to escape by car but crashed into a concrete wall. He was trying to smuggle a real diamond into a tambourine. The rest of the bad guys were soon arrested, and the Spiders' face was finally bright by the sunset.