The Spiders: Wild Scheme A-Go Go

film directed by Buichi Saitō

The Spiders: Wild Scheme A-Go Go (ザ・スパイダースのゴーゴー向う見ず作戦, Za Supaidasu no gôgô utau mizu sakusen), also known as The Spiders' the Reckless Operation, is a 1967 Japanese musical comedy film directed by Buichi Saito and produced by Nikkatsu.

The Spiders: Wild Scheme A-Go Go
Directed byBuichi Saitô
Written bySô Kuramoto
Akira Saiga
Produced byHideo Sasai
StarringThe Spiders
Ken Yamauchi
Chieko Matsubara
CinematographyYoshihiro Yamazaki
Music byTaichirô Kosugi
Distributed byNikkatsu
Release date
  • August 26, 1967 (1967-08-26)
Running time
81 minutes

Plot Edit

When Ken's lover Chino won the amateur song contest, Chino replied to the moderator's question that if there was a person who had no lover yet but went straight to his place over all obstacles, she would accept courtship. Chino said so to encourage Ken. However, the young people of the seven-member group (starring The Spiders), who were watching TV in Yokohama, they began to march straight towards Tokyo, inspired by Chino's advice. They broke through the large glass of a coffee shop, proceeded through a crossroads of cars, caused a six-fold collision, and tried to pass through the police station on the way, but they were charges of ignoring signals, invading peoples houses, and damaging property. This cause the police to arrested the group. However, Jun and his friends were pardoned, saying they just wanted to walk straight.

On the other hand, Ken was encouraged by his bandmate Koji and decided to walk straight to Chino's house, which was next to the three houses, but Professor Mikami, who lives right next to his house, refused Ken to see his daughter, so he tried to force it again. Ken gave up the halfway plan because he was caught in the security bell of the Mikami family. Around that time, the eccentricity of the seven-member group finally began to become a hot topic in the news and headlines. A news photographer take several photographs of these seven members, and a critic praised them as "A young men who longs for a straight line", which became a national topic. However, the seven young men were not pleased with such a false name at all, and just continued walking for the purpose.

Ken knew about the seven-member group on TV, and couldn't help but courageously digged a tunnel bellow of Chino's house with his father's words to take Chino. By the time Ken worked hard day and night digging a tunnel, the seven young men were approaching Chino's house at the last moment. Koji and his colleagues, who saw him as in jeopardy, quickly stopped in front of the seven-member group and hindered their progress, so Ken rushed to Chino's house by a small margin. Chino was so impressed with his health that she hugged him tightly. On the other hand, the lagging seven-member group, admitting defeat, went straight away toward the sun, which was about to set with a rainbow appeared at the end of the film.

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