The Trip hammer (Filippini)

painting by Francesco Filippini at the Brera Art Gallery

The Trip hammer (also known as Il Maglio) is a 19th-century late impressionist oil painting by Francesco Filippini.[1] It was made around 1889, in Milano, Italy, exhibited in the collection of Pinacoteca di Brera (Reg. Cron. 6297).[2]

The Trip hammer
Italian: Il Maglio
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ArtistFrancesco Filippini
TypeOil on Canvas
Dimensions260 cm × 440 cm (101 in × 175 in)
LocationPinacoteca di Brera, Milano



Art Prize

  • Art Prize "Premio Canonica", Milano, 1998



The impressionist-style painting represents some workers in a factory intent on working the piece on the Maglio by placing it on the base of the anvil, where it receives the blow from the hammer.

There are three different works by Filippini that portray "the Maglio", and they are the only works that concern industrial and non-agricultural work. In addition to "the Maglio" of the Pinacoteca di Brera, there is the Maglio of 1889,[3] an oil on canvas of 177 x 89 centimeters,[4] and the Maglio of 1889, oil on canvas of 44 x 74 centimeters[5] which is probably a preparatory sketch[6] of the work present in the collection of the Pinacoteca di Brera, winner of the Canonical Award.[7]

Art Exhibition





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