The X Factor (album)

album by Iron Maiden

The X Factor is a studio album by Iron Maiden. It is their tenth studio album, and went on sale on 2 October 1995.[1]

The X Factor
Studio album by
Released2 October 1995
GenreHeavy metal
ProducerSteve Harris and Nigel Green
Iron Maiden chronology
'Fear of the Dark
The X Factor 'Virtual XI

The album was not liked much by people who reviewed it; one person said that it had "[a] lack of energy" and that it was "merely adequate."[2]


Track listingEdit

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Sign of the Cross"  Harris 11:17
2. "Lord of the Flies"  Harris, Gers 5:03
3. "Man on the Edge"  Bayley, Gers 4:13
4. "Fortunes of War"  Harris 7:23
5. "Look for the Truth"  Harris, Bayley, Gers 5:10
6. "The Aftermath"  Harris, Bayley, Gers 6:20
7. "Judgement of Heaven"  Harris 5:12
8. "Blood on the World's Hands"  Harris 5:57
9. "The Edge of Darkness"  Harris, Bayley, Gers 6:39
10. "2 A.M."  Harris, Bayley, Gers 5:37
11. "The Unbeliever"  Harris, Gers 8:10
Total length:


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