human expression and creativity, usually influenced by culture
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The arts are a large part of culture, and the word means much more than "art". The arts include visual arts, literary arts (i.e. books and other writings) and performing arts (i.e. music, dance, drama).

Sometimes, in universities, it is shorthand for a wider group of subjects which are properly called the humanities. These include philosophy, theology, literature, languages, and history as well.

"The arts" are usually contrasted with "The sciences".

Visual arts change

Visual arts consist of any art that can be seen. This form of art doesn't change once it has been made.

Painting change

Painting is an art that uses pigments to create images. The oldest painting was made on a cave wall, in prehistorical times by a Neanderthal.

Sculpting change

Sculpting is an art that uses height, width, and depth. You can create a sculpture by carving or shaping things such as rock, metal, or wood.

Architecture change

Architecture is the art and science behind building and sculpture design. Architecture as an art involves making something look beautiful and appealing to others.

Performing arts change

Performing arts are those that occur when people show others their artistic skills. These include dancing and singing.

Literary arts change

Literary arts are those that occur as words. Most are written down, but in the ancient past, some long poems were only told in speech for hundreds of years before finally being written down!

Conceptual art change

Conceptual Art is art in which the idea is more important than the actual beauty of the object.

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