Thirunelveli massacre

The Thirunelveli massacre is a mass murder that took place on July 24, 1983. It started after Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam soldiers killed 13 people in the Sri Lankan Army in Thirunelveli, Sri Lanka. After this, Sri Lankan Army soldiers came to Jaffna in trucks and destroyed all the shops while going there. The army killed over 60 Tamil people.[1][2][3]

Thirunelveli massacre
Thirunelveli massacre is located in Sri Lanka
Thirunelveli massacre
LocationThirunelveli, Sri Lanka
Coordinates9°41′16.82″N 80°1′42.56″E / 9.6880056°N 80.0284889°E / 9.6880056; 80.0284889
Date24 July 1983
TargetSri Lankan Tamil civilians
Over 100 injured
PerpetratorsSri Lankan Army

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