Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go

American-Canadian animated television series

Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go! is a 2D-animated children's television series.

Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go
GenreAnimated series
Created byBritt Allcroft
Based onThe Railway Series by The Rev. W. Awdry
Developed byRick Suvalle
Creative directorMonica Dennis
Voices of
  • Meesha Contreras
  • Neil Crone
  • Glee Dango
  • Shomoy James Mitchell
  • Jenna Warren
  • Charlie Zeltzer
Theme music composerJulie Fader
Opening themeThomas & Friends: All Engines Go Theme song
Ending themeThomas & Friends: All Engines Go Theme song (Instrumental)
ComposerErica Procunier
Country of origin
  • United States
  • Canada
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes92
Executive producers
  • Colin Bohm
  • Christopher Keenan
  • Doug Murphy
  • Frederic Soulie
  • Pam Westman
  • Rick Suvalle
  • Suzie Gallo
Running time11 minutes
Production companies
Original release
ReleaseSeptember 13, 2021 (2021-09-13) –
Thomas & Friends (original series)

It is a reboot of the original Thomas & Friends series that ran from 1984 to 2021. The series was originally set to be the show's twenty-fifth season, before Mattel Television confirmed that it was a new show altogether. It is said to introduce "an entirely new approach to Thomas & Friends content," with a new animation style and story structure. All Engines Go! premiered on September 13, 2021.

Characters change

  • Thomas (voiced by Meesha Contreras in the US and Aaron Barashi in the UK), a cheeky but hard-working engine who is always there to help his friends. He's always willing to upkeep a “Thomas Promise” and works hard to make up for any mistakes he's made. He simply wants to be the best little #1 tank engine he can be.
  • Edward (voiced by ??? in the US and ??? in the UK), one of the oldest engines on the Island of Sodor. He is patient, wise, kind and very hardworking. With years of experience under his buffers, he is ready for anything. Edward enjoys stories set in the past, but dislikes being teased about his age.
  • Henry (voiced by ??? in the US and ??? in the UK), a long and fast green tender engine who chugs around wishing everyone a breezy “Good morning!” He can be a bit of a worrier, and he prefers calm days. Henry loves pulling long goods trains and likes good manners and respect towards others.
  • Gordon (voiced by Neil Crone in the US and Will Harrison-Wallace in the UK) a wise engine who supervises the other engines. He likes to see others happy and to help the younger engines with his superior strength, but not when they are disobeying his expectations. Gordon is shown to have an interest in bird watching. Gordon’s boastful personality has been toned down significantly compared to the original show. While he stills remains stern, grumpy, and easily annoyed, he no longer belittles the smaller engines. Additionally, unlike Diesel or James, Gordon's arrogant traits were almost dropped completely. However, his egotistical personality can be seen in episodes such as The Super-Long Shortcut and Carly's Screechy Squeak.
  • James (voiced by Luke Marty in the US and UK; 2021-2022) and Tom Dussek in the UK (2022-present) is proud of his shiny red paint work, and tries to keep it as clean as possible, but is always happy to see his friends and gives them a cheerful greeting whenever he passes by. He can pull any kind of cargo, but he mostly prefers to pull coaches. He is often shown to be quite careless, as he is constantly dropping cargo he is supposed to carry. However, like Gordon and Diesel, he is overall portrayed as much friendlier than he was in the original series.
  • Percy (voiced by Charlie Zeltzer in the US and Henri Charles in the UK) is Thomas' best friend, and quite a jokester. He has a lot of hidden courage in him, most of which he isn't aware of. Percy also likes to ring his lucky bell to bring good luck to himself, or his friends in a bad situation.
  • Emily (voiced by Kayla Lorette in the US and by Marie Ekins in the UK) loves to keep the Island of Sodor safe and on track. If an engine needs advice or a helping wheel, Emily is the engine for the job. Emily acts as Sir Topham Hatt's private engine, however, Emily is far more confident and level-headed than the railway controller, though she does listen to him despite his dramatic speeches.
  • Whiff (voiced by Joe Pingue in the US and Matt Coles in the UK) a bit of a tech whizz who loves inventing new things. He believes that any old or broken parts can be re-used and recycled into something new and useful. Whiff also seems to know a lot about the history of Sodor, like how there used to be tunnels under Lookout Mountain.
  • Hiro (voiced by Kintaro Akiyama in the US and Dai Tabuchi in the UK) a wise engine who is willing to help his friends when they are in trouble.
  • Ashima (voiced by Diya Kittur in the US and ??? in the UK), a friendly and cheerful engine, and always enjoys seeing her friends, particularly the Sodor engines. She is also fond of dancing, gladly taking the offer to join her friends when asked. Ashima doesn't mind getting her paintwork dirty, as long as it means being a really useful engine.
  • Yong Bao (voiced by Patrick Kwok-Choon in the US and Lobo Chan in the UK), a brave tender engine from China. His visit to Sodor made Thomas a little jealous, but in the end, the two became good friends.
  • Nia (voiced by Talia Evans in the US and Sade Smith in the UK) a tank engine from Kenya in Africa. She now lives on Sodor with Thomas and his friends. Her best friends are Thomas, Percy, Diesel and Kana.
  • Diesel (voiced by Shomoy James Mitchell (2021-2022), and Will Bhaneja (2022-present) in the US, and Henry Harrison in the UK) a diesel engine who lives on Sodor with Thomas and his friends. His best friends are Thomas, Percy, Nia, and Kana.
  • Kenji (voiced by Kintaro Akiyama in the US and Dai Tabuchi in the UK), a high-speed engine. He's super-fast and has won nearly every race there is to win in the world. He is also a kind, hard-working engine who loves helping Thomas, Kana, and all their engines friends.
  • Kana (voiced by Ava Ro in the US and by Chloe Raphael in the UK) a little high-speed electric engine that lives on Sodor with her friends. Her best friends are Thomas, Percy, Diesel and Nia. Kana also has two passenger coaches painted in the same livery as her.
  • Riff and Jiff (Riff voiced by Addison Holley in the US (UK; 2021) and Jiff voiced by Evany Rosen (UK; 2021), both voiced by Jessica Caroll in the UK (2022-present) ) cheerful engines who act very friendly towards other competitors alike. Even when anything goes wrong for them, Riff and Jiff still act very positive.
  • Farona and Frederico (Farona voiced Humberly Gonzalez in the US (UK; 2021) and Frederico voiced by Thomas Santoro (UK; 2021) and Farona voiced by Jessica Caroll in the UK (2022-present), and Frederico voiced by Matt Coles (2022-present) ) both are arrogant and snobbish in addition to lacking humility, not above boasting to Kenji and demeaning Thomas and Kana, as well as winding up the latter. However, both of them are very unsporting, and even resorted to cheating to try and win. This ultimately turned Diesel, who at the start of the race was one of their biggest fans, against them.
  • Carly (voiced by Jenna Warren in the US and Eva Mohamed in the UK) a very helpful crane who is always there to lend a hook when her friends are in trouble. She also acts as a sort of mother figure to Sandy, and while the pair are generally inseparable, the speeder's tendency to go overboard often forces Carly to keep her manic antics in check. While bigger and generally more level-headed than Sandy, Carly admits that of the duo, she is the pair's muscle, whereas Sandy is the only one with the actual know-how to properly fix anything. Despite being far more mature than the rest of the Biggest Adventure Club, Carly is not above juvenile behavior, acting very flustered upon seeing Kenji during The Sodor Cup and hiding with the others during a Halloween storm.
  • Sandy (voiced by Glee Dango in the US and Holly Dixon in the UK) a very energetic speeder, and while not the biggest engine on the island, she still enjoys the company of her much larger friends, many of whom recognize that she is a valuable asset to their community. Sandy always participates in a game if she can, and one of her favorite aspects of a race is seeing who the winner is. As such, she'll follow someone closely to see if they'll win or not. Sandy is also very good with small repairs, swapping out Gordon's broken coupling with a new one in seconds without difficulty. Additionally, she is very inventive and likes to build all sorts of gadgets, such as Percy's Biggest Adventure Machine and new wheels for Skiff. She also enjoys playing in mud and sand, particularly the latter. Sandy is always ready to help out wherever possible, but at times she can be a bit over-enthusiastic and will often go overboard and try to make a complex solution for a simple problem.
  • Troublesome Trucks (voiced by Jamie Watson (as the green truck) and Cory Doran (as the brown truck) in the USand both voiced by Jai Armstrong in the UK) are rude towards most engines, and love causing problems, although sometimes they fail. They also tend to bicker with each other at times.
  • Annie and Clarabel (voiced by Catherine Disher and Linda Kash respectively in the US (UK; CD: 2021-2022, & LK: 2021) and both voiced by Wendy Patterson in the UK (2022-present) ) are very motherly and respectful towards the engines, however, they are rather prone to complaining.
  • Bruno (voiced by Chuck Smith in the US and Elliott Garcia in the UK) is described as being smart, relaxed and joyful. He loves making puns and will often use comedy to get through difficult situations. As a brake car, Bruno travels facing backwards at the rear of the train and thus has a unique perspective on the world. Bruno is also autistic; as a result, he is detail-oriented and likes routine. Bruno in particular likes schedules and timetables and memorizes where all the tracks on the Island lead. For this reason, he is often entrusted with guiding more rambunctious engines such as Diesel and Kana. He also has a special interest in people, his favorite type being mechanics. Bruno will often emote using his stepladders, which he flaps when sad or excited, or his lantern. He is also sensitive to loud noises and, when stressed out by them, will produce large ear defenders made of steam from his smokejack. Additionally, Bruno has difficulty maintaining eye contact and will usually be looking at his surroundings rather than whoever he is talking to - this does not mean he is not listening, however.
  • Harold (voiced by Bruce Dow in the US and by Jai Armstrong in the UK) is always on-hand and ready to help and rescue others who are in trouble or danger. He even utters phrases typically used by pilots, such as "Over!" and "Roger that!". But sometimes, he cannot perform his rescues alone, so he will often resort to asking others for help if he needs it. Harold's personality is mostly the same as his personality from the original series, however, he no longer teases the engines about how railways are outdated.
  • Bulstrode (voiced by Jamie Watson in the US and Will Harrison-Wallace in the UK) a calm and kind barge who can often be seen working at Brendam Docks, collecting freight to take across the big, blue sea, and delivering freight for the engines to collect. This is in direct contrast with his personality from the original series, in which he was ruder than even the rudest engines, and constantly complaining.
  • Skiff (voiced by Jamie Watson in the US and Jai Armstrong in the UK) a fun-loving, brave sailboat, willing to take on any new challenge, even if it means a bit of help from his friends. He also appears to suffer from travel-sickness when travelling on flat, dry land.
  • Cranky (voiced by Cory Doran in the US and Will Harrison-Wallace in the UK) appears to stick to his personality from the original series, being grumpy, and teasing the other engines. However, he is still a hard worker, and knows what it means to be really useful. Despite his grouchy nature, Cranky has also been shown to have a soft spot for seagulls, which he doesn't like to show when others are around.
  • Sir Topham Hatt (voiced by Bruce Dow in the US (UK; 2021-2022) and Tom Dussek in the UK (2022-present) ) the owner of the Sodor Railway who arranges all the special events on the island. He is the only human character in the series thus far to actually interact and converse with the engines.

Episodes change

Season 1 (2021-22)

  1. "A Thomas Promise" - When Thomas and Diesel both want to deliver the same load to Whiff's Recycling Plant, Thomas suggests they each take half of the load, but Diesel turns it into a race. (First appearance of Thomas, Percy, Kana, Diesel, Carly, Sandy, and Gordon)
  2. "Thomas Blasts Off" - It's rocket launch day and all the trains get to help deliver the big rocket parts, but when Thomas is assigned a tiny part, he puts it off to help the others with their more exciting parts. (First appearance of Nia and Cranky)
  3. "License to Deliver" - When Percy has to deliver a new light bulb to the lighthouse at night, Thomas suggests playing secret agents along the way to help Percy forget about his fear of the dark. (First appearance of James, Annie and Clarabel, and the Troublesome Trucks)
  4. "Rules of the Game" - When Thomas builds an obstacle course for his friends, he gets upset when they won't play with it his way.
  5. "A Quiet Delivery" Thomas volunteers to get Annie and Clarabel across Sodor without waking them up, only to discover that it's going to be harder than he imagined. (First appearance of Emily)
  6. "Kana Goes Slow" - When Kana's power goes out during a delivery run, Thomas teaches her that sometimes it's okay to go slow. (First appearance of Henry)
  7. "Dragon Run" - Thomas has the honor of pulling the dragon to the Medieval Faire, but everyone wants a turn as well. (First appearance of Edward and Sir Topham Hatt)
  8. "The Biggest Adventure Club" - When Thomas finds a treasure map, he creates The Big Adventure Club to seek the treasure and Sandy wants to join, but Thomas says she's too little, so Sandy forms her own club.
  9. "Percy's Lucky Bell" - When Thomas borrows Percy's lucky bell for a dangerous delivery, Thomas accidentally loses the bell.
  10. "Sandy's Sandy Shipment" - When Sandy learns about a massive shipment of sand that needs to be delivered, she is determined to help, despite her size.
  11. "A Light Delivery" - When the trains must deliver in pairs, Thomas is disappointed to be paired with Diesel instead of his BFF Percy. (First appearance of Kenji)
  12. "Counting "Cows" - Thomas and Percy volunteer to deliver a herd of cows, but the cows keep wandering off on their own adventures.
  13. "Music is Everywhere" - When music-lover Nia gets stranded before a big concert she's been waiting to see, Thomas brings the concert to her.
  14. "Backwards Day" - Thomas misunderstands the Backwards Day game and accidentally delivers the wrong cargo to the wrong places.
  15. "Chasing Rainbows" - Thomas and Kana journey across Sodor to find the prize at the end of the rainbow. (First appearance of Bulstrode)
  16. "Nia's Balloon Blunder" - When a parade balloon Nia is set to deliver flies away, Thomas helps Nia adjust her plans to get it back.
  17. "Capture the Flag" - When Percy loses Nia's parade flag before the big parade, Thomas helps them search for it before the event begins.
  18. "Mystery Boxcars" - Kana is upset when she keeps running out of power, but a mystery scavenger hunt is just the thing to cheer her up.
  19. "Super Screen Cleaners" - Thomas pretends to be a hero to help ensure the movie screen Nia is delivering arrives clean and pristine.
  20. "Overnight Stop!" - Percy feels anxious about spending a night away from home during an overnight delivery with Thomas and Nia.
  21. "The Joke is on Thomas" - When Thomas and Percy's plan to surprise Diesel goes awry, the two friends still manage to cheer up Diesel... just not in the way they expected.
  22. "Lost and Found" - When Thomas helps Nia make a delivery to the beach in Norramby, he insists he knows a shortcut and leads the way; it turns out his memory isn't as good as he remembered.
  23. "Thomas' Day Off" - When all the trains but Thomas get deliveries, he's left to spend the day alone; with the help of an old boxcar and a battered beachball, an adventure unfolds.
  24. "The Real Number One" - When Thomas' #1 gets covered by paint, Diesel's comment about Thomas not being number one anymore causes him to doubt himself.
  25. "Roller Coasting" - Percy really wants to go on a rollercoaster so his friends Thomas, Kana and Nia work together to make it happen.
  26. "No Power, No Problem" - Thomas is so excited to show Annie and Clarabel's passengers the scenic views of Sodor. However, the power is out, and the outage causes problems all over the island.

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