Three Jewels

Buddhist term: refers to the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha

The Three Jewels, also called the Three Treasures, the Three Refuges, or the Triple Gem, are the three things that Buddhists give themselves to, and in return look toward for guidance, in the process known as taking refuge.


Basic terms




The Three Jewels are:

  • Buddha, which means The Enlightened or Awakened One, who, depending on one's interpretation, can mean the Historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, or the Buddha nature or ideal within all beings;
  • Dharma, which means The Teaching, which is the Teachings of the Buddha.
  • Sangha, which means The Community, The Community of those great people who have attained Enlightenment, so that those people (Sangha) will help you to attain Enlightenment.[1]


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