Tigranes the Great

King of Armenia

Tigranes II, more commonly known as Tigranes the Great (Armenian: Տիգրան Մեծ, Tigran Mets; Ancient Greek: Τιγράνης ὁ Μέγας Tigránes ho Mégas; Latin: Tigranes Magnus) was an Armenian king, from between 95 to 55 BCE. Tigranes's period, Kingdom of Armenia became, for a short time, most strongest[1] and super power[2] state to Rome's east. He was a member of the Artaxiad dynasty.

Tigranes II
King of Armenia
Tigran Mets.jpg
Tigranes the Great on a coin
King of Armenia
Reign95 BCE55 BCE
PredecessorTigranes I
SuccessorArtavasdes II
FatherArtavasdes I

Tigranes was born around 140 BCE and was the son or nephew of Artavasdes I or Tigranes I.

Tigranes the Great represented the Artaxiad Royal House.

He was involved in many battles during his reign. He had battles against the Parthian, Seleucid, and Roman empires.

Early Armenian Empire of Tigranes

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