Time in New Zealand

overview of the time zones used in New Zealand

New Zealand Standard Time (NZST)[1] is a time zone that is used in New Zealand that is 12 hours ahead of UTC (UTC+12:00). New Zealand observes daylight saving time, called New Zealand Daylight Time (NZDT)[2] which is 13 hours ahead of UTC (UTC+13:00). The Chatham Islands is at UTC+12:45 during standard time and UTC+13:45 during daylight saving time. The time zone there is called Chatham Island Standard Time (CHAST)[3]during the non-daylight saving period and Chatham Island Daylight Time (CHADT)[4]during the daylight saving period.

Daylight saving time starts at 02:00 on the last Sunday in September and ends at 03:00 on the first Sunday in April. The Chatham Islands switch at 02:45 and 03:45 on the same dates. The territory of Tokelau does not observe daylight saving time.

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