Tochigi Prefecture

prefecture of Japan

Tochigi Prefecture (栃木県, Tochigi-ken) is a prefecture in the Kantō region on the island of Honshu, Japan.[1] The capital is the city of Utsunomiya.[2]

Tochigi Prefecture
Japanese: 栃木県
Map of Japan with Tochigi highlighted
Capital Utsunomiya
Region Kantō
Island Honshū
Governor Tomikazu Fukuda
Area (rank) 6,408.28 km² (20th)
 - % water 0.2%
Population  (January 1, 2003)
 - Population 2,011,313 (20th)
 - Density 314 /km²
Districts 6
Municipalities 31
ISO 3166-2 JP-09
Website English web site
Prefectural Symbols
 - Flower Yashio tsutsuji
(Rhododendron albrechtii)
 - Tree Japanese horse chestnut
(Aesculus turbinata)
 - Bird Blue-and-white Flycatcher
(Cyanoptila cyanomelana)
 - Fish
Symbol of Tochigi Prefecture
Symbol of Tochigi Prefecture
Flag of Tochigi Prefecture.svg


Tochigi was made from the lands of Shimotsuke Province.[3]

There is a World Heritage Site in Nikkō. It is called Nikko Toshogu.


Tochigi shares borders with Ibaraki Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture.

National ParksEdit

National Parks are in about 21% of the total land area of the prefecture.[4]

Shrines and TemplesEdit

Futarasan jinja and Futarayama jinja are the chief Shinto shrines (ichinomiya) in the prefecture. [5]

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