Saitama Prefecture

prefecture of Japan

Saitama Prefecture (埼玉県, Saitama-ken) is a prefecture in the Kantō region of Japan on the island of Honshu.[1] The capital is the city of Saitama.[2]

Japanese transcription(s)
 • RomajiSaitama-ken
Flag of Saitama
Official seal of Saitama
Location of Saitama in Japan
Location of Saitama in Japan
Coordinates: 35°51′25″N 139°38′57″E / 35.85694°N 139.64917°E / 35.85694; 139.64917
Country Japan
ISO 3166 codeJP-11

History change

Saitama Prefecture was formerly part of the old Musashi Province.[3]

Geography change

Map of Saitama Prefecture

Saitama is in the Kantō region. The prefecture shares borders with Chiba Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture and Tokyo.

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National Parks change

National Parks are established in about 33% of the total land area of the prefecture.[4]

Shrines and Temples change

Hikawa jinja is the chief Shinto shrine (ichinomiya) in the prefecture. [5]

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