Urawa Red Diamonds

Japanese football club

Urawa Red Diamonds (浦和レッドダイヤモンズ, Urawa reddo daiyamonzu) is a Japanese professional football club[1] in the Urawa ward[2] of Saitama.[3]

Urawa Red Diamonds
Full nameUrawa Red Diamonds
GroundUrawa Komaba Stadium,
Saitama Stadium 2002
ChairmanMitsuo hashimoto
ManagerVolker Finke
LeagueJ1 League
2009J1 League, 6th

In 2007, the Urawa Reds were the first Japanese team to reach the finals of the Asian Champions League.[4] Its famous in Japan developing young good players.

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The club was founded in 1950.[3]

  • 1950-1992 Mitsubishi Motors SC
  • 1992-present Urawa Red Diamonds

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In 2009, Edmilson (Edmilson Dos Santos Silva) made three goals in one game (hat-trick) against Jubilo Iwata.[5]

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