Tom Evans

British musician (1947–1983)

Thomas "Tom" Evans (5 June 1947 – 19 November 1983) was an English guitarist and songwriter, who had several hit records as a member of Badfinger, during the late 1960s and early 1970s. He was also the cowriter of "Without You", with collaborator Peter Ham, another member of Badfinger.

Evans and Ham wrote most of Badfinger's hits together, including "No Matter What", "Day After Day", and "Baby Blue", which appeared on Apple Records. After leaving Apple, Badfinger's fortunes dipped. Ham committed suicide by hanging in 1975. Evans was devastated, and never got over losing his musical partner. He also hanged himself, in London in 1983.

"Without You" first became a hit in a cover version by Harry Nilsson in 1971, and the song became a standard as time went on. Badfinger's music was mostly forgotten by the 1980s, but became popular again in the 1990s when their old records appeared on compact disc.