Toyama (city)

city in Toyama Prefecture, Japan
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Toyama (富山市, Toyama-shi) is the capital city of Toyama Prefecture, Japan.

Toyama montage
Toyama montage
Flag of Toyama
Official seal of Toyama
Toyama in Toyama Prefecture
Toyama in Toyama Prefecture
Country Japan
Prefecture Toyama
 • MayorHirohisa Fujii
 • Total1,242 km2 (480 sq mi)
 (October 1, 2020)
 • Total413,938
 • Density333.3/km2 (863/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+09:00 (JST)
Postal code
Area code16201-9
Phone number076-431-6111
Address7-38 Shinsakuramachi, Toyama-shi, Toyama-ken
WebsiteOfficial website

History change

In the pre-Meiji period, Toyama was a castle town and the capital of Etchū Province.

It has been recognized as a core city since 1996.[1]

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According to Japanese census data,[2]

1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020
417,595 420,804 421,239 421,953 418,686 413,938

Shrines change

Toyama has many shrines including Toyama Chukyoin[3][4] and Toyama Gokoku Shrine.[5]

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