Backpacking (wilderness)

outdoor recreation of carrying gear on one's back, while hiking for more than a day. It is often but not always an extended journey, and may or may not involve camping outdoors
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Backpacking is hiking in the outdoors with a backpack full of all your food, clothing, water, and shelter. Usually, backpackers hike in groups to stay safer. They must think to bring first aid supplies, sleeping bags, tents, rain gear, stoves, food and other camping supplies.

Backpacking in the wild

Backpacking may be done on short or long trips. Sometimes, backpacking groups begin at a trail head with a parking lot and hike over a weekend until they work their way back to the vehicle. On longer trips, groups may settle in at a base camp and hike for weeks or even months if they are more experienced and prepared.

When following certain rules, backpackers have the chance to leave the outdoors better than they found them. There are certain practices such as Leave No Trace that teach backpackers and hikers to pack out all waste and help conserve nature in every way possible such as not building fires in dry areas, saving water, and protecting the environment. When backpackers use these skills, they help preserve nature while getting to explore themselves while outside the influence of the rest of the world.