Triadic ballet

ballet written by Oskar Schlemmer

The Triadic ballet is an experimental ballet, designed and composed by Oskar Schlemmer amongst others. Schlemmer started with the first ideas in 1912. Albert Burger and Elsa Hötzel were two dancers who helped develop the ballet. Paul Hindemith composed the music. Part of it was performed in 1916, the first full performance was in 1922. The ballet was developed in Stuttgart. Its premiere was also in Stuttgart. It was peformed at an exhibition of the Bauhaus art school in Weimar, in 1923.

Poster for a performance that didn't take place, in 1824. Design by Oskar Schlemmer

In 1970, a 30 minute movie was made.

When he had the first ideas about the ballet, Schlemmer was inspired by Pierrot lunaire, a work by Arnold Schönberg, composed in 1912.

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