Tropical climate

climate in the tropical region

A tropical climate is a type of climate typical in the tropics. It is a humid climate in which all twelve months have mean temperatures above 18°C (64.4 °F). Some tropical areas have rainfall throughout the year, usually in the afternoon. Others have a wet season and a dry season, for example because of monsoon. The usual tropical climate is hot, humid and wet. Cold weather things like frost, and cold weather precipitation like snow never happen in a tropical climate. One famous area of tropical climate is the Amazon rainforest, which has high biodiversity.

Locations of tropical climates, with subtypes:

Desert and semi-arid climates are classified separately.

Some tropical areas are dry, which makes them savannas. A few places near the equator, such as Mount Kilimanjaro, are high mountains and cold for that reason.

Examples of tropical climates change