Tungusic languages

language family

The Tungusic languages (also known as Manchu-Tungus, Tungus) are spoken in Eastern Siberia and Manchuria. Some linguists consider them to be part of the Altaic languages but many others do not think so.

Siberia, Manchuria
Linguistic classification:possibly Altaic (controversial)
  • Tungusic
Ethnologue code:17-844
ISO 639-5:tuw

Geographic distribution

Many Tungusic languages are in danger, and the long-term future of the family is uncertain.

Classification change

Linguists working on Tungusic have proposed a number of different classifications based on different criteria, including morphological, lexical, and phonological characteristics.

Northern Tungusic

These languages can be considered dialects or related languages of Evenki:

Southern Tungusic

Jurchen-Manchu (Jurchen and Manchu are simply different stages of the same language).

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