Tupac Huallpa

16th Inca Emperor under the crown of Spain

Tupac Huallpa (15th century – 1533) was the fourteenth Sapa Inca. He only ruled for a few months, in the year 1533, after Atahualpa, his half-brother, had been murdered. Tupac Hualpa was the last Inca ruler. He was the son of Sapa Inca Huayna Cápac. Huayana Cápac died in 1527. After that, there was a civil war between Tupac Huallpa and Huáscar, his half-brother. This war ended in 1532, with the victory of Atahualpa. Shortly aferwards Spanish troops led by Francisco Pizarro captured Huascár. Even though a large ransom was paid, Huascar was executed. Tuupac Huallpa was Huasca's younger brother. Atahualpa was executed in 1533, and the Spanish made Tupac Huallpa king of the Incas.

Túpac Huallpa
Sapa Inca installed by the Spaniards
SuccessorManco Inca Yupanqui
Jauja, Peru
QuechuaAuqui Huallpa Túpac
DynastyHanan Qusqu
FatherHuayna Cápac