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Turn or Turn: Washington's Spies is an American television show. It is set during the American Revolutionary War. It is about the spies and the beginning of espionage. It was on television for four seasons. It started in 2014.

Created byCraig Silverstein
StarringJaime Bell
Seth Numrich
Heather Lind
Daniel Henshall
Meegan Warner
Kevin McNally
Burn Gorman
Angus MacFadyen
JJ Feild
Ian Kahn
Samuel Roukin
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
Running timeapprox. 44 minutes (per episode)
Original release

Development change

Turn is based on the Culper Ring, real spies from the Revolutionary War.[1] The television show was based on the book Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring, by Alexander Rose. The book is not fiction. Rose is one of the show's producers and writers.[2]

Story change

A cabbage farmer named Abraham Woodhull (Jaime Bell) and his friends become spies for George Washington (Ian Kahn). The story covers the British plan to use counterfeit money, the time Benedict Arnold changed sides, and the execution of John André.

Setting change

Much of the story takes place on Long Island in New York. It also shows other parts of the American colonies, including Manhattan, Philadelphia, and West Point.

Accuracy change

According to Long Island historian Margo Arceri, the show is "about 70 percent inaccurate."[3]

Results change

Because of the television show, more tourists came to Long Island. Many of the buildings where the real Culper Ring spies worked are still there.[3]

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