hypothetical chemical element with the atomic number 127

Unbiseptium /ˌnbˈsɛptiəm/, also called eka-americium,[source?] is the hypothetical chemical element with atomic number 127 and symbol Ubs. It comes immediately after unbihexium, element 126, which is expected to be the most stable element on an island of stability.[1]


The name unbiseptium is a systematic element name, used as a placeholder until its discovery is confirmed. Transuranium elements beyond californium are always created artificially, and the element usually ends up being named for a scientist or a laboratory that does work in atomic physics.[source?]

Synthesis of unbiseptiumEdit

Unbiseptium has had one failed attempt at synthesis in 1978 at the Darmstadt UNILAC accelerator by bombarding a natural tantalum target with xenon ions.[1]

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