Uncle Grandpa

American animated series

Uncle Grandpa is a television show on the Cartoon Network. It started/was originally aired on September 2, 2013. Captain General Uncle Grandpa and the turtles are voiced by Peter Browngardt who voiced Nathan and dogs on Clarence. Belly Bag (Uncle Grandpa's best friend and one of his creations)/other kids/Tiny Miracle the Robot Boy Helper Buddy is voiced by Eric Bauza/Tom Kenny. Marshal Mr. Gus (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) (liar (sometimes)) was best friends with Uncle Grandpa again since the episode "Prank Wars" (2014). Mr. Gus' bad/lie quote/catchphrase only on the episode "Treasure Map" (2013) is "I kept tellin' ya "this ain't no map, it's a stupid placemat just for kids!" (not "Embrace the weird, Mr. Gus!" and what he said to his friends in the subway). Tiny Miracle appeared in the pilot. The show is written by Myke Chilian.