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This user is an agnostic or may an atheist, but Sure he is liberal & humanist.

Stop practice bullying in Arabic Wikipedia administration.

My accout blocked on Arabic Wikipedia by some fanatic haters.. They hacked my articles. Because they think & they behave on Wikipedia as their private space. they try as usual as longtime to block & attack everyone Won't go with their stupid rivers in the culture ways of slavery.

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water palms and sunset
Bedroom in Arles_Vincent van Gogh artwork
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New Sincerity

Culture for Peace & Justice

Live and let live

I'm simple web-logger, simple man in simple life.. The simplicity is the mother of beauty, it's my philosophy of life...

  • My name is "Mohamed Boualam" My cosmopolitan nickname is "Simo Boualam boubanner issamy", Boualam refers to integrity and honesty, Asceticism and temperance... as Shepherd's Banner or Bonderas in Spanish language.. Banner of humanity, culture, coexistence love and justice, human rights and my human rights are my holiest things in my life.
    • I believe in science
    • I Love the world
    • I like reading and writing
    • I like tourism
    • I like Geography
    • I like adventures, i like to meet and discover other cultures...

some of my blog listEdit

See my userpage on Arabic wikipedia,the most difficult Wikipedia project for extented information about me in Arabic language.

♥ i find myself happy in new hippism ♥ / bohemian in new bohemianism♥ i wanna only be free.. feel free... Yes I'm.. I'm freee man ♥♥♥

  • When i do good i feel good. when i do bad i feel bad... that's my religion.
  • as victim of hate and racism,and dictatorship of moroccan regime regime of exclusion & oligarchy, barbarism, vandalism, terrorism, I do not like hate and i despise racism and fanaticism fascism chauvinism Nazism terrorism savagism and terror slavery against humanity, i despise and i resist dictatorships, i despise violence against women & children and all civilians, civilians and civil life in civil system they are the base of any civilization and Advanced progress map of any development and human rights and social development.

♥ sacrifice for love gor justice for pinky like for misanthropy against criminal brain of hate, volunteering for humanity.. is there my true happiness: _____________In my origin culture i can choose this words, what I love & believe from 1194.. in my as south Mediterranean, oriental, African, Amazigh, Atlas, African, north african within Arabic cultures, i like cosmopolitanism i like people who are working with strength for humanity for justice for people for children for women.. in this conflict for justice and equality and human rights in my country and any authoritarian criminal spot in the world. My strong heart and Love is my religion against hate Facism/Racism/and darkness and barbary of moroccan regime against people and humanity in my stolen country a raping homeland of morocco.

Principe of love Ibn Arabi without conditions without borders, also the principle of love in orthodox Christianity.

MY STRONG HEARTS IS A GREEN GARDEN OF LOVE. https://www.thehouseofyoga.com/magazine/religion-love-ibn-arabi

love is my true religion against all motherfuckers.

My PhilosophyEdit

Liberal, Democrat

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