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Deepon Saha became an active wikipedian in late 2010 and started contributing in English & Bengali Wikipedia. Loves to watch movies & is an active blogger.

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Wikipedia has been the source of knowledge for Deepon since his school days. He became more dependent on Wikipedia than books.

  • I've created the following articles on en-Wikipedia:
  1. Polysilicon depletion effect
  2. Sense amplifier
  • Currently editing the following articles on en-Wikipedia:

Being a part of Wikiproject electronics:

  1. Multigate device
  2. Sense amplifier
  3. Current sense amplifier
  4. Polysilicon depletion effect
  5. VLSI
  6. Engineering Change Order


  1. Jadavpur University
  2. Udaya Kumar (designer)
  3. National Institute of Technology, Agartala
  4. Sunetra Choudhury
  5. Mumtaz Sorcar
  • Outreach sessions:

As a part of the Wiki Academy:

  1. Jadavpur University
  2. NIT Agartala